Turn Your Fears into Profits & Blessings # 2

Turn Your Fears to Profits by Redirecting it is Energy – Stop Fear Now!
Many of you have responded to 8 Ways to Turn Fears into Profits. If you enjoyed that article, I am sure that this will give you more fuel for your fire as you push that fear into something great.

Now here is a question.

Do the bugs on your windshield keep you from seeing the horizon?
Fear can be a huge distraction to success in any endeavor. Fear can make your cell phone weigh 200 pounds. Fear of Failure, Fear of Rejection, Fear of Criticism, are three of the initial fears that can lead to poverty, indecision, and failure to thrive.
However, who wants to stay there? Not Me! You can take the negative energy from fear and use it to propel you into better relationships, more profitability in your business, and a much more enjoyable life.
I hear it every week in my work as a counselor…”I want to do better.” I want to feel better.” “I want to have more for my family.” “I am sick and tired of my past tripping me up.”
Dr. Charles Lowery, my friend, and mentor reminds us,
“It takes just as much time and energy to avoid problems as it does to try to solve them.

Blogger James Clear has some great thoughts on how adversity can shape us into determined, overcomers, you might want to check this article out.
Why is it that so many people seem to be stuck? Could part of it be the fact that we, as a culture do not want to take personal responsibility? Are we looking for just the right pill, the right therapist, book, church or job? Alternatively, could it be that we have become encased in the negativity of the culture. Alternatively, is it a combination of all combines with a huge, unrealistic dose of fear?
Did you know that there are four ingredients for success in any endeavor? Four simple principles that can change the course of your life. Once you begin to get a handle on these tools, they will give you the power to push back fear. Dr. Tom Barrett, author of Dare to Dream, Work to Win, does an exceptional job of expanding on these fundamental ideas. My wife had had him out to Albuquerque a couple of times to speak to some of her Premier Jewelry friends. 
Ingredient # 1 – Determine what you want. Be very specific about what you want out of your business/ministry before you decide what you will invest in it.
Dr. Charles Lowery puts it this way; “Passionate people produce profitable products!
Measurable goals create focus, energy, and passion.”

  • A clear dream does, at least, two things:
  • It creates perspective
  • It develops perseverance

Ingredient # 2 – Decide what you are willing to reschedule or give up to get what you want. It is so important to be clear about what you want out of your business/ministry before you decide what you will put into it.
Ingredient # 3 – Associate with people who will help you get what you want.
Ingredient # 4 – Have a plan that works, then work the plan.
Now that we have the key ingredients lets mix them together. How do you blend these ingredients in a way that will produce a positive impact in your life? I will answer that question on Thursday.

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