7 Steps That Will Enhance Self-Care

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Matthew 22:39                                                                                       Jesus What comes to mind when you read the words Self-care or Self-Compassion? Are you aware that one of the components of resilient, successful people is they practice self-care? For many people, the first reaction self-care is often one of concern, misgiving, or uneasiness. They believe that being kind and gracious to themselves might make them weak, more vulnerable, or even snotty (a clinical word that could mean arrogant, puffed up, or aloof). They erroneously think self-criticism keeps […]

5 Valentine Shopping Tips for Men

Keeping things lite, fun, and romantic can strengthen your relationship. February is here, and we all know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. John Thurman Men, please get your shopping done before Feb. 14. If you wait too late, the roses will be wilted, and the selection of cards and chocolates will be pretty much picked over. It seems simple enough, but how many times have we men suffered from […]

Funerals Are Important!

Funerals are mandatory, weddings are optional. Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Leadership, 2005 Jerry Evans, a man who was admired by so many for his love of life, his expertise in business and ministry, his passion for encouraging those in ministry and for sharing the Gospel, died a few days ago. During some dark days in my […]