Resilience key # 4 – decisiveness

In 2007, Steve Ballmer, then CEO of Microsoft stated, “There is no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No Chance!” He was off just a little bit.
Today we are going to take a look at the fourth pillar of resilience, decisiveness and taking personal responsibility.
Lee Iacocca, the former president of both Ford and Chrysler, said, “The one word that makes a great leader/manager is decisiveness.
While working on my new book, The No Fear Entrepreneur, I did a survey of over 1500 entrepreneurs, the most surprising results was that 74.24 % shared that Fear of Decision Making was a major struggle with them. I will address this fear and what to do about it in this short article. By the way, we are in the final stages of prepaing the book for it’s launch.
The world we live in today has changed at a lightning pace and shows no indications that things are going to slow down. Take just a moment to see how much social media has changed the way we see and do things. Markets are shifting. Consumer habits are transforming the way business has been connected at breakneck speed. The world has become a global market. I can sit in a room in Espanola, NM and order an item from Kenya and have it at my door in a week to ten days.
I recently read an article about the top ten jobs in America today, much to my surprise a majority of the top ten didn’t exist ten years ago. Man, no wonder I feel my age.
Now, more than ever you and I need to quit looking back in the mirror of the past and make bold decisions to move forward, embrace change.
While being decisive is a must, it is not a guarantee of success, but it always proceeds it.
Being a student of language, which started in Mrs. Ruffo 8th grade Latin class, I decided to look up the Latin root for the word decision. Part of the derivative is the word cis or cid which literally means to ‘cut off’ or ‘to kill.’ That same work root appears in the work homicide and scissors. Since you and I live in a world with a super buffet of choices, to be most effective requires that we learn to “kill off options” sometimes. You see, every mature decision will potentially hurt somebody.
Decisiveness and taking personal responsibility takes an act of courage. It demands to have faith in yourself and in your concept of God that no matter what happens as a result of your decision you will be able to handle it, and you will ultimately benefit from it. That act of faith in both you and the Lord can go a long way in easing the paralysis of analysis that indecision can cause.
Resilient people embrace uncertainty as part and parcel of life. Living a decisive life based on assuming responsibility for one action, will position you in a place where you will be able to seize the opportunity when it comes your way.
Action Plan
So where do you begin? Start where you are today. The best way to become more decisive is to do just that, start making decisions and assuming responsibility for them.
Remember, the scariest decision is the one that you fail to make. 
Jesus gives us a couple of great tools for decision making. The first is seek wise counsel. The second is to let our yes be yes, and our no be no. Maybe is a word that is absent from most of the Bible.
Be Blessed, because He that is in you is bigger than he who is in the world. And remember, the choice is always ours, so choose wisely.

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2 thoughts on “Resilience key # 4 – decisiveness

  1. Extremely good article! I really liked your breakdown of the word “decision.” It gave me new and helpful insights into what we can expect when making a decision. It will potentially hurt somebody. And I can trust God with the results of any decision He leads me to make. Thanks for sharing!9

  2. Good stuff here!!! Like esp your words “the scariest decision is the one we fail to make”, “paralysis of analysis”! I don’t know if you remember me but you interviewed me for a job about 25 or more years ago! Wondering if “Covert Mercy, Inc.” has any part time job ops available in January? I have a variety of work experiences and a B.S. in Journalism, also an M.Div. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1987. Would love to interview/talk in January if/when you are available! Thank you & for accepting my FB friend request too! 🙂

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