Reduce Fear, Stress, Anxiety and Worry

The Impact of Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Worry affect more American adults than any other Mental Health issue. Over the next several weeks I will be sharing some helpful and dynamic tips that you can use to manage stress, anxiety, worry and fear more effectively.

Here is some exciting research that was published by the Psych Central Newsletter.

A huge study in the UK by Kinderman et al., 2013 surveyed over 32,000 adults about their levels of anxiety and depression, and the potential causes. They found that traumatic life events were the largest factor in creating both.

But here’s the surprise. They also found that people’s coping styles contributed to anxiety and depression almost as much as the traumatic events themselves.
Here are the three coping flaws that were identified as major contributors:
Rumination: excessive focus and fixation on negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Lack of adaptive coping: failure to help yourself by talking to friends or family for support, or eating well and exercising; and failing to anticipate stressful events.

Self-blame: this is the toxic habit of turning things back on yourself (self-blame is very common for people who grew up with Emotional Neglect). 

The Takeaway: Your coping style and skills are hugely important factors in whether you end up anxious or depressed. Avoid dwelling on the negative, seek support when you need it, eat well and exercise, and strive for self-acceptance rather than self-blame.

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Here is the link to The Psych Central Newsletter – a great, newsy newsletter.
For those that like to keep up with psychological things.

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