A First for Father’s Day!

This will be the first Father’s Day that we will not be able to talk. He left this earth just a few weeks after my momma passed away. My Dad,  J.H. (Howdy) Thurman died on January 11, 2017. Being the first born to my family, Dad and I had a long, rewarding relationship. Through my crazy teen years even up to the week before he died, Dad was always filled with encouragement and a good story.
A few weeks after returning from his funeral in Fort Valley, Georgia, a pastor friend of mine asked what I missed the most. I told him, “Thursdays.” He said, “What?” Then I told him that for over 20 years I called Dad on Thursday. Typically, these calls would provide him with updates on our kids and grandkids, as well as details about what my wife and I were doing in our businesses and ministries. He would update me on mom, my brothers and sister and then, being a true smalltown gentleman, he would update me on who had passed out last call.

When he would share the news about friends and coworkers dying he would always be somewhat philosophical saying something like, “When you get as old as your mother and I you attend a lot more funerals than weddings.”
You know, I do miss Dad. While I will be with my children and my three grandsons this Sunday, I will deeply miss my phone calls with Dad.

With that in mind, I wanted to share an article that my friend and sometimes editor, Lee Warren published in Women’s Day Magazine. Lee lost his father several years ago, so this article comes from deep within his heart. As we approach Father’s Day, I hope you will allow his words to sink into a deep place in your heart. I hope you have a blessed Father’s Day.

A final thought before you go to my Lee’s powerful article. If you need to get things cleared up with your Dad, but all means do so.


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