Lighten Up! 6 Ways to Energize Your Marriage with Humor

If you were to give me a two-to-three-word description of your relationship at this very moment, what would it be?

If it’s something along the lines of “less-than-stellar,” would you like some inexpensive yet powerful ways to strengthen your marriage?

Years ago, my wife and I had come to an impasse in our relationship. I was detached and living in my career, and my wife was into the kids, bible studies, and other things that ladies do. I wish I could tell you I suggested some counseling, but no. I was too proud and bone-headed for that. It was my wife who strongly encouraged me to make a call.

Our counselor was a wise man who helped us learn to re-negotiate our marriage and reconnect. As we wrapped up therapy, he made a comment that surprised and encouraged us.

He said, “Angie and John, like many couples that come to see me, you guys were way off track, but even in some of the more challenging sessions, you both maintained a healthy sense of humor. That let me know you two are going to make it. You both have a unique ability to enhance your relationship with laughter.”

Those words were a gift to us nearly 35 years ago and have sustained us through the ebbs and flows of our marriage. In the next few minutes, I will give you a few tips on how to enhance your relationship with laughter.

Humor, laughter, and joy have a powerful effect on health and well-being. Laughter alleviates tension and stress, boosts the mood, raises creativity, and provides an excellent, drug-free energy boost. In addition, humor brings people together and helps them manage life better. The occasional shared belly laugh is an essential part of a robust and healthy relationship.

Laughter, joy, and playful communication (please check out this link) are some of the most effective, free tools that can keep your relationship vital, fresh, and stimulating. Humor and laughter can keep your relationship exciting, light, and joyful. Want more sex? Laugh more. Want to increase your overall well-being? Chill out and giggle.

Six things laughter can do to enhance your relationship.

1. Links you to others. We are hardwired for relationships. Your happiness and health, to no small degree, depend on the quality of your relationships. Real connections are engaged face to face, eyeball to eyeball, not in the glow of the blue-tinted screens. And the laughter helps strengthen the relationship’s connection on several levels.

2. Helps smooth over differences. Using gentle humor often enables you to deal with sensitive subjects, work through disagreements, and gain a fresh perspective on problems.

3. Develops resilience. A sense of humor is one of the keys to resilience. The American Psychological Association defines resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or even significant sources of stress–such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems, or workplace and financial stressors.

4. Increases energy and relaxes at the same time. Joy, humor, and laughter relieve fatigue and relax your body while recharging your batteries and helping you get more done.

5. Renews perspective. Most relationships, life, or job situations are not as bad when viewed through the window of joy and laughter.

6. Increases creativity. Playfulness and humor release certain brain chemicals that loosen you up, energize your thinking, and inspire creative problem-solving.

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