Building Resilience in Business, Relationshis, and Life

5 Hot Tips for Your Relationships

Marriage and serious relationships are some of the toughest endeavors that any two humans can engage.  When a couple begins their journey they are fueled with hopes and dreams, but within the first year those hopes can sometime lead to despair and dreams to nightmares..  Here are six hot tips that can keep you moving forward. Tip One – Watch out for AngerAnger, hurt, frustration, and disappointment can stifle a relationship. Here are three things couple can do to lower anger, frustration. 1. Don’t let you negative feeling grow with interest.  Express your hurt, fear or […]

Recapture Your Vision: Quit Isolating

(c)2012 Istockphotos Stop IsolatingBy John Thurman Reggie had struggled with his severe, recurrent depression and his ten-year battle with alcohol abuse. He consistently complained about how lonely he was but minimized how much he was drinking by himself. He tried church support groups, Alcoholics Anonymous, going to the gym with friends, but each program seemed to fail miserably. Alcohol kept him from overcoming the isolation. Reggie eventually dealt with his addiction and then he began to recover from the depression. Isolation is the double-edged sword of depression as it is both a cause and outcome. […]

Recapture Your Vision: Push Back Depression & Negative Thinking

(c) 2014 John Thurman – Sagebrush Hood Ornament Recapture Your Vision by Pushing Back Depression and Negative Thinking Have any idea what this photo is? It is actually a hood ornament with clouds and sky in the background. Your perspective can mess with your head from time to time.  I love being an entrepreneur, it can be a bit chaotic at times, but one of the things that keep me going is vision. Whether you have a job, are self-employed, in school or involved in a vocational quest you need a vision. An idea of […]

Pushing Back Depression #5

(c) 2014 John Thurman – Happy Dancer Premier Rally Push Back Depression Tip # 5: Re-energize Depression is an energy eater. If you have ever struggled against depression, you know that it can suck the life right out of you. It drains your energy, heart, mind, body, and soul. The good news is, you can fight back, and you do not have to let the darkness pull the life out of you.One of the best ways to re-energize yourself is to monitor your mouth. Depressed people tend to talk depressed using sad words and sad […]

Pushing Back Depression # 3

(c) 2013 John Thurman Beach Jumper 1 Last summer I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a some training as a Crisis Response Specialist. I stayed over a couple of extra day to experience Lake Michigan. My friends told me to check out Grand Haven Beach and I did. What a delight to see people enjoying a day at the beach. Walking out to the light house I noticed a group of local teens jumping off the pier. They were having an absolute blast. You can check out some of my shots on my flickr […]

Push Back Depression: Tip # 2

Bear Canyon Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge (c) 2013 John Thurman The Second Tip for Pushing Back Depression is: Quit Comparing Depression, by its nature, fogs up your sense of self. When you are struggling in the negative swill of depression, it can be easy to find other people who are doing better in nearly every area of life.  For just a moment, I am going to reach way back into the vault and link you to a clip that is so old, you can probably find it on the RFD Channel, no offense to my farming and […]

1 of 7 Things You Can Do to Push Back Depression

Robin Williams entertaining troops in 2003 Robin Williams’ memory, his acting, his stories and comedy sketches will live on through video clips and the internet. Hopefully, we will take some lessons from the loss of this extraordinary actor, comedian, and exceptional communicator. Depression can be a quiet killer. It is a disorder that is widely experienced and yet few people seek treatment for it.  According to the CDC, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death for all ages in 2010. The CDC report also states that there were 38,364 suicides in the U.S—an average […]

Thoughts about Robin Williams Part #2 

Laughter, Joy, tenderness, and passion are things that come to mind when I think of Robin Williams. Another attribute I admired was his ability to be vulnerable. For years he talked about his struggle with addictions, depression, and open heart surgery. He had struggled a great part of his adult life with a brain disorder which included severe depression, which in many cases co-exists with addictions. Even with treatment, support from friends and family and remarkably successful career, mental illness can still end up killing a person. As a Christ follower, I have been somewhat […]

Thoughts About Robin William’s Life.

My first recollection of the zany comedy of Robin Williams goes all the way back to his guest appearance as Mork on “Happy Days.” Over the years, I followed him mainly through television and then through his movies. I have to admit, I rarely missed his late night appearances on Jay Leno because I knew it was going to be a roller coaster ride.  He did touch millions of lives through his art, his kindness, and the multitude of characters he played throughout his career. There are thousands of tributes to him on the internet. […]

10 Steps for Surving a Rough and Tumble World: Part #3

This is the third and final blog of the 10 steps for Surviving a Rough and Tumble world. Here is a quick review of the first seven. 1. Practice optimism.2. Find a resiliency model.3. Develop a moral compass and unbreakable beliefs.4. Practice generosity and kindness.5. Develop acceptance and cognitive flexibility.6. Face your fears and learn to control negative emotions.7. Build an ever-expanding tool chest of active coping skills to manage stress.    8. Establish and maintain a supportive social network to help you. Dr. George Bonanno’s research, in his book The Other Side of Sadness, points out one of […]