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May I send you a COVID Reboot Tip Sheet?

May I send you a COVID Reboot Tip Sheet?

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About Me

Here are a few facts about me:

  • I am a seasoned licensed professional counselor with over 53,000 hours of experience,
  • Best selling Amazon Kindle author in the Christian Leadership Professional Grow Category
  • Speaker-Trainer – Tactical Stress Management Strategies, providing Stress Management and Resilience Training for government agencies, international missions organization, and business.
  • Certified Corporate Crisis Response Specialist
  • Retired Army Chaplain (22 Years, USAR, NG, and Active Duty)
  • Married to my first wife Angie for 46+ years.

The No Fear Entrepreneur is filled with inspirational stories, keen insights, and practical steps to help you identify the fears that are holding you back. I loved it and wish I would have read this before starting my business. I’d be so much further along!”

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Jeff Goins, best selling author, and entrepreneur

What a terrific, positive, inspiring book! Packed with moving stories, challenging perspectives, and stimulating Bible studies, The No Fear Entrepreneur will appeal to entrepreneur and ministry leaders alike. Thurman’s style is positive, honest, assertive, faithful to biblical teachings, and includes a healthy dose of pragmatic sense. Both as a therapist and an entrepreneur, Thurman speaks as an authority. Check out Jack’s Website

I work with business and ministries that are stuck-not because of a lack of finances, customers or talent, but stuck because of paralyzing fear of the “but what ifs.” This fear keeps brilliant people not only falling further and further behind.

In his book, The No Fear Entrepreneur, John gets to the root of fear for entrepreneurs and ministry leaders and fights it with research, logic, and inspiring stories. If you are stuck, this book will get you moving forward.