How to Have a Happy Wife Part 2

This is a photo of our friends Michele and Dotie, a couple that we have known for several years, a couple that loves each other and their kids with a deep and  profound love.

In that time we have watched their kids grow into young, emerging adults and have watched Dodie support Michele as she had build her Premier Designs Jewelry business.

Dodie is a great example of a happy man married to a happy wife, but he would be the first to tell you that it is work.

Here are five more ways to have a Happy Wife.

To Support and Nurture Her Ambitions in and Outside the Home.

Roles are changing, and that is not a bad thing. More men than women work outside the home, but due, in part to the economy, more and more women are either entering or re-entering the workplace or are starting home-based businesses. As your children grow and, opportunities open up for your wife to pursue her pen dreams, will you be there to support her.

To Make an Effort to Understand How She is Different Emotionally.

Guys, our job is not to change her to be more like a man, but to acknowledge and respect your differences.

To Be Honest at All Times, and Always Do What Your Say You Will Do.

            To be clear. When I talk about being honest here, I mean there is not room for lies about infidelity, addiction problems, or other important matters that reflect on who you are (such as belief systems or underlying medical problems). You need to hold yourself accountable for what’s important-the core issues, the crucial stuff, your promises.

To Share in Child Care and Domestic Work.

 If you want to mess this up just come home from the office and tell her, you have already worked enough. Instead, come home, catch your breath and help out a little, without any drama. Trust me, this will get you some points.

To Be Attentive, Fun-Loving, and Adoring as You Were During Courtship, or Close to It.

I know you can have rough days, I spend my days with people who are in various states of crisis. I know it can be tough to be upbeat someday, but do what you can. Studies of optimistic people show that they are less affected by bad events and bring about brighter responses in other people.

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