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Business Consultant – Building Resilient, Profitable Business

Is your team prepared for a crisis? Whether as shocking as an unexpected death on your team, or as simple as a communication crisis, John Thurman has the experience you need to prepare your team for just about anything.

John uses a straight forward approach in helping you build a more resilient and profitable enterprise that takes care of both employees and customers.

With these titles you’d want and expect from a business consultant (Licensed Mental Health Professional, Business Consultant, Author, and Certified Corporate Crisis Response Specialist) John also has over thirty-five years of comprehensive on-hand training experiences.  He’s worked with teams varying in size from small businesses across the United States all the way through International Agencies regarding Stress Management in Extreme Environments. 

John works in two main areas, Productivity Enhancement , and Team Development. His training covers a broad range of areas, including The Multigenerational WorkforceFive Ways to Get More Done In Your DayA Holistic View of Work and LifeUnderstanding the Workplace Personalities, and more. In addition, John provides additional managerial skill training in the areas of Crisis Response and Crisis Management.

For international and high-risk businesses, ministries and agencies John provides real-world training in his Stress Management in High-Intensity Environment Event.

John also provides Management Skills Coaching for leaders wishing to enhance their own leadership skills. In this service, John works with the individual leader to develop a personal growth plan beneficial both both work and life.

It’s the training you’ve been looking for. John brings a unique perspective to leaders across all industries for issues you need to prepare for. If you’d like more information email ( today to set up your free consultation. Don’t wait for the crisis to hit your team. Prepare today.j