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Three Impacts of TRIBE 2017

​Tribe 2017 was not my first writer’s conference, but it is just what I needed at this junction in my life. Every writer’s conference I have attended has contributed to developing my craft by giving me tools, insights, and connections with others that broadened my horizons and given me the courage to push forward.

I have been a follower of Jeff Goins for a little over a year and appreciated the insight and energy that he brings to the table. When I began reading about the Tribe Conference 2017, I made it a priority to get myself over to Franklin, Tn for the event. Believe me, it was a great choice.

Tribe 2017 was different from the get-go in at least three ways. First, it was not billed as a Christian Writer’s Conference, while many believing people attended, I loved the fact that there was some meaningful cross-pollination. Second, the youthfulness and innovative tone of the presenters, as well as the Premium workshops gave me several insights in how to more effectively utilize the power of the internet to share my message. Third, the vibe of the Tribe, the genuine feeling that I was being invited to join a band of like-minded writers and other creatives who desire to share their stories with the world.

Jeff Goins thank you for listening to your mentors and putting yourself out there and inviting your Tribe to come along for a shared adventure.

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  1. Anne Peterson

    Enjoyed your snapshot of the conference. I enjoyed being there, drinking in the special moments, whether is was wisdom from one of the speakers, watching the crazies dance their heart out on stage, or wondering when Jeff’s little sweethearts would venture out after their daddy. Would have liked to have met you.

  2. Ann

    Thanks for you comment.

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