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Personality Styles-The Compliance Specialist

Well, this is the final installment on the introduction to the Personality Styles.
Once again, Thanks for your emails and other conversations, I am glad that you are finding this helpful.

As I have mentioned in the previous blogs, personality is the motor that drives behavior.
I have spent the past two decades helping businessmen and women, ministry leaders, as well as service member leaders understand their personality styles as well as gaining insight into the styles of their teammates. I hope you will glean some fresh nuggets of truth as we spend a little time together looking at some of the unique ways that God has hardwired you.An individual’s unique combination of these four factors influences his or her success at work in three main ways. Firstly, it determines how and why we’re motivated to achieve individual goals – for example, people who score high on extraversion are more motivated to reach a goal if there’s a reward involved. Secondly, personality affects our mood, which in turn affects the way we respond to people and situations at work. Studies have found that conscientiousness and agreeableness indirectly affect organizational citizenship behavior via their impact on job satisfaction – simply put if we’re happier in our jobs, businesses, and day to day lives, we’re more likely to be better ‘citizens’ at work. Thirdly, our personality profile affects our interpersonal relationships, making it an important determinant of job success when that work involves getting along with other people.

Now for the Compliance Specialist.

Have you ever noticed that there are seasons in life when we don’t just need outcomes, but quality outcomes, which result in things done with precise accuracy? Long before we arrived on the planet, God, the Creator, and Sustainer of the Universe created a universe based on efficiency, order, and quality.

When you need every t crossed and every I dotted, just as God did when the time came to reveal the 10 Commandments, we can see that he used a person who was very high in the Compliance category. That could be why God chose Moses, to accurately proclaim His law to the Hebrews.
We have already seen how the Dominant personality style sets their sights on the objective and vigorously pursues it, generally choosing to live by his/her rules along the way. The Influencer arouses the people, always motivating and encouraging them to give their best. The Steadiness person is a rock of support, a team player, and someone who can count on to be loyal.

The person who is high in the Compliance style prefers to set the standard for the group and expects everyone to comply, always ensuring accuracy, quality, and order. The person with High Dominance will get us over the mountain, to be sure, but the High Compliance person will get us over with everyone and everything in its place, at the proper time and destination, and within budget.

The Compliance Types are generally:

  • Prefers structure as opposed to spontaneity
  • Desires accuracy and precision
  • Analytical, longitudinal thinkers
  • Quiet

Emotional Needs

  • Sensitivity
  • Support
  • Space
  • Silence

Leadership Styles

  • Cautious
  • Risk Averse
  • Careful planner
  • Systemic

Blind Spots

  • Fear of criticism
  • Can be critical and demanding under pressure
  • Can suffer from the “paralysis of analysis.”
  • Can come across as “superior to other”

Biblical Characters who were predominantly high C

  • Mary, the mother of Jesus
  • Luke, the physician, and author of the Gospel of Luke
  • Moses
  • John

Would love to hear your thoughts regarding the personality styles.

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    Like your blog! Would love to know my personality style. Sometimes I wonder if there really is a “personality” or if it is all just electrical.

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