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6 Reasons to Get a Grip on Depression

(c) 2013 John Thurman from Dia de Los Muertos Y Marigold Parade, Albuquerque So, what will reading Get a Grip on Depression do for the reader? by John Thurman Depression negatively impacts your personal life, relationships, and business. Recent studies indicate that 16% of Americans will have at least one episode of Major Depression in their lifetime. The sad news is that few will seek help for it.The purpose of Get a Grip on Depression is to help you better understand depression and to learn proven, effective ways to manage depression using a combination of […]

Avoid 6 Stinking Thinking Traps

(c) 2014 John Thurman 6 Thinking Styles to Avoid by John Thurman Have you ever noticed how quickly your mind can get distracted? Things seem to be just fine and then out of nowhere you begin to have these intrusive, negative thoughts? Thankfully, it is a problem nearly every human being experiences from time to time. Today, I am going to give you a quick overview of the Top Six “Stinking Thinking” patterns that I address in my book, Get a Grip on Depression. I will also give you some key questions to ask as […]


By John Thurman I recently attended and photographed several events at Albuquerque’s Freedom Fourth Celebration and the International Balloon Fiesta Park on the fourth of July. One of the stages was featuring a group from the National Flamenco Institute local in Albuquerque. Take a second and observe this dancer, at her eyes, her head, her hands. Does she look focused? This young solo dancer moved her way across the stage like a graceful swan with an attitude. One of the hallmarks of Flamenco is the ability to project happiness and anger with looks, movement, and […]