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Hey, my name is John Thurman and I am a Licensed Therapist, Speaker, Author, International Crisis Response Specialist, and serial entrepreneur, who lives with my first wife Angie in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In addition, I also had the joy of serving as an Army Reserve Chaplain with twenty-two years of service.

My mission to is to help you get a grip on issues that are holding you back and provide you kinetic, faith-friendly principles to help you use the power of resilience to transform your personal life, your relationship, and your business/work endeavors.

As a seasoned therapist with over 50,000 hours in the counselor’s chair, I helped thousands of individuals and couples work through various life challenges by incorporating the power of resilience, solid, proven biblical principles, and “best practice” counseling principles.

As a speaker, I have designed and delivered speeches, webinars, workshops, and seminars in nonprofit-ministry sectors as well as small business, international business, and Federal Agencies.

As an author, I have written articles for Christianity Today (Today’s Christian Woman), Focus on The Family (The Albuquerque Journal’s Sage Magazine for Women. My first book, Get a Grip on Depression, was published by Bold Vision Books in 2014. My second book, The No Fear Entrepreneur, published by Bold Vision Books will be released in November of 2017.

As an International Crisis Response Specialist, I work with small businesses, international corporations, Federal agencies, as well as missionary and relief organization to help manage disruptive workplace events and to provide preventative training on Stress Management, Psychological and Spiritual First Aid, and Crisis Management.

I am the son of entrepreneurs, and as such, I have had several businesses, some failed miserably, others did fairly well. Having experienced the agony of defeat and failure, I decided not to lick my wounds and quit, but regroup and try something else.

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